April 27, 2022

Eps 1 and 2, A Day in the Life

These first two regular episodes shed light on a day in the life of both a patient (Ep 1) and then a doctor (Ep 2). Because I fundamentally believe in the utmost significance of the doctor-patient relationship, I hope that these two episodes shed some light on what it's like to be on either side of the hospital bed.

It wasn't until I had come full circle as a patient - doctor - patient that I really began to see both sides so clearly. I immersed myself for many years in the medical field as a practicing pediatrician at the University of Chicago, and there I forged strong bonds with my patients. But I also found myself feeling certain that it could be better. I had so much to do everyday that I never really had the time that I wanted to give to pure healthcare delivery. When I was thrown back into the patient role again, it was as if blinders had come off. I saw the good and the bad in full spectrum color now. As a patient in recent years, I've had doctors hug me, leave me undressed on a table without a gown, take my calls generously at night, call me "honey" (um, I'm a Doctor like you) and speak both over and under my head.

We all need to constantly remind ourselves that we're in this together. Your doctor is there because they fundamentally want to help people. Your patients just want the attention and time that they deserve. We can all meet in the middle and cultivate lasting, trusting relationships.