April 2, 2022

Ep 0 Trailer

Ep 0 Trailer

Welcome to Dr. Patient podcast, where I examine the doctor-patient relationship and all that it entails. Episodes coming up feature both patients and doctors, telling their stories about a day in their life, finding humanity in the hospital, doctors that go above and beyond, and more.


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This is Dr.Patient, and I'm Heather Johnston. This podcast will examine the patient provider relationship - where it's been, where it is now, and where it could and should be. I'll be interviewing guests to hear their stories of encounters for better or for worse. In these episodes, you'll hear people's stories and also you'll hear discussions on how to handle the situations that we've just heard about. I've been on both sides of the bed myself, as a doctor and a patient. I've survived Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, heart failure and breast cancer. And, I was a practicing pediatrician for 10 years in the middle of all those. I'm launching this podcast to remind everyone that this doctor patient thing is, well, a relationship. And relationships are complex requiring communication, trust, respect, empathy, and more to work well. Hearing other people's stories, I hope that you'll take away some thoughts and how to be part of improving those relationships no matter what your role. Join me for Dr. Patient. To listen to the episodes, subscribe wherever you find your podcasts, download it, and share it with those who you think will also enjoy it. If you're interested in being a guest, get to www.drpatientpodcast.com and fill out the interest form there. Or, email me at drpatientpodcast@gmail.com